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Citrix Citrix WANSCALER 8540 7500TC 45MBPS 1PS LEVEL A EW3A0000346
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November 27th, 2012 (i)
Citrix WANScaler solutions provide highperformance application delivery to branch office users. WANScalers accelerate application performance across wide area networks WAN by an average of 5x to 30x and up to 300x at peak compression efficiency. With WANScalers in the network End users in the branch office will experience LANline application performance over the WAN which means less time waiting for slow applications and more time using the application.Citrix WANScaler accelerates applications to branch offices of all sizes datacenters and mobile workers. The AutoOptimizer Engine which serves as the cornerstone of the WANScaler architecture offers flexible deployment options the WANScaler Client software accelerates remote users in home offices and on the road while users in larger branch offices are supported with WANScaler appliances.Citrix WANScaler offers a completely transparent endtoend solution for all IPbased WANs e.g. private leased lines public Internet VPNs satellite and wireless WANs. Transparency eliminates the need for any changes to current network management tools firewalls network services or applications. The solution supports hundreds of branch offices and WAN throughput up to 500 Mbps.WANScaler appliances are autodiscovered autoconfigured and autotuned all in a few minutes and without disturbing your current infrastructure. The AutoOptimizer Engine automatically applies the right mix of WAN acceleration techniques based on network conditions data flows and application mix and dynamically tunes the system as these variables change ensuring optimal network performance at all times.

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