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Power Media Dock with CD/DVD Burner VGPPRZ20C/B
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July 17th, 2012 (i)
Sony VGPPRZ20C/B Your VAIO Z Series laptop comes complete with a Power Media Dock straight out of the box. But for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience pick up a second dockthen keep one at the office and one at home to lighten the load on your daily commute. Designed exclusively for use with your Z Series PC the VGPPRZ20C Power Media Dock with a builtin CD/DVD player/burner delivers an extra boost of horsepower to fuel your day. With an impressive AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card with 1GB VRAM you'll experience premium visual quality and intense HD performancewithout placing huge demands on your laptop's CPU or bogging down other applications. With the ability to support up to three external Full HD displays it's perfect for heavyduty video editing sessions and with a builtin slotloading CD/DVD player/burner you can burn your video projects to a disc to share with your friends. Includes a USB 3.0 port HDMI out and more for supreme flexibility and compatibility. Power Media Dock accessory is designed for use with Windows 7 and will not function properly when used with Windows 8.

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